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On these pages you can find some of my old travel writings, some new writings, and personal experiences from Ireland. Beside news from Ireland, I believe that you will have a chance to read recipes of my culinary experiments, perhaps some information and observation about beers in Ireland (and world wide), and most likely some information from IT world. Technically, anything that we consider as a lifestyle today.

As three of us (Dina, Liam and myself) now live in Dublin, Ireland, I am writing all texts and travel stories in both Croatian and English language. It’s a challenge and good opportunity to improve and sharpen English writing skills.

Oh yes, just to give some sort of “terms and conditions” here. This is my private corner, with my private stories. Not all of them are 100% true, as some names, situations and places might be changed in order to improve stories and make them funnier and easier to read.

I keep the copyright on all the photos and stories and you are more than welcome to share them with attribution. 🙂

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Even though GDPR is a concern for organizations making money, as a person from IT world I always preferred those playing fair, and I am doing the same.

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