Hey folks, it’s been a while since my last post.

I could now look for reasons and try to make it up, but I just had no inspiration for writing lately. It seems that a long, dark and cold winter is not productive for my writing. And by saying that – It’s still cold and frozen and everything is covered in snow. Yuck!

Anyways, I wanted to show off a bit. As any other professional project it took some time to be finalized, then to be presented, and finally to be made publically available. Finally, it’s here and it’s available for the world wide audience.

Taaaa – daaaaa!

I present you: Twitchy!

Short movie, and my name written into the international movies database!

Yep, I got a chance and a role in the short movie fillmed back in 2016, finnished in 2017. Now, it’s made available on the internet and I’m sharing it with you straight away:

It’s been and extraordinary experience for me. I guess it’s still quite visible that I’m not properly relaxed, but you should have seen me in the first couple of rehersal tries. 🙂

I just got into the thing, and almost managed not to think about my bad English with a heavy eastren accent, and it was all done. We had the sceene filmed it was time to wrap it up.

I needed some time to relax and accept the fact that almost everyone on the set is there for the same reason – enjoying in movie creation, and that acting is a part of it. I was lucky, as the two main guys you can see communicating with me are professionals, which helped me a lot to quickly grasp what needs to be done. Rob is Dublin born theatre actor, and Mark is an experienced actor from the US.

Of course I had to use the IMDb entry, and a fact that I am in the same scene with the guy who was in the “Sex and the City” to show off a bit last year. Almost every movie we watched started with me saying “Let me see how did my colleages played this role” or similar when friends were talking about movies and Oscars. 🙂

We were even supposed to be displayed at the film festival that could have nominate us for mentioned prises, but sadly – they didn’t recognise the true art.

So yes, I can officially say – Ryan Gosling, Matt Damon, Selma Hayek, Liam Neeson, Jennifer Lawrence, and many others are now my colleages. 🙂

I just hope it won’t be my first, last and only entry on IMDb, as I really liked the whole experience, and I’m looking forward to the next possible opportunity.

So if you are a movie director in a need for a Kung Fu panda substitute, Russian mafia member or similar role where “big, clumsy, bearded or bad English” are needed – I’m free. 🙂

Otherwise, I’m looking forward to hear from you how do you like the movie?

Till the next one.



By adminko

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