I’ve placed this page as a separate from blog in order to be easily found and maintained. Those are links that were important during our move and that I find interesting. This should be great starting point for exploration of life on emerald island! 🙂

Some official pages:
http://www.citizensinformation.ie/en/ – Citizens information
http://www.revenue.ie/en/index.html – The revenue pages
http://bit.ly/1caoSsQ – The best tax calculator found online
http://www.biketowork.ie/ – Information about bike to work scheme
http://www.gov.ie/services/compare-health-insurance-policies-and-prices/ – Health insurance policies comparison

http://www.movetodublin.com/define-your-search-profile/ – Information about moving to Dublin

http://www.dublinbus.ie/Your-Journey1/Timetables/ – Official Dublin BUS site
http://www.luas.ie/ – Official LUAS site
http://www.irishrail.ie/ – Official Irish Rail site
http://hittheroad.ie/ – The best site to find your bus on the interactive map
http://www.iwai.ie/#contents – Irish waterways! (once you fall in love with the waterways, you love them forever!) 🙂

Embassies and consulates:
http://ie.mvep.hr/ – Croatian
http://www.serbianconsulate-ireland.ie/srb_lat/home.php – Serbian
http://www.dublin.veleposlanistvo.si/ – Slovenian
http://www.mvp.gov.ba/ambasade_konzulati_misije/ambasade_konzulati_i_stalne_misije_bih/DIPL_KONZ_PREST/UK/?id=7096 – Bosnian

http://www.aib.ie/personal/home – AIB bank
http://www.ulsterbank.ie/roi/personal.ashx – Ulster bank
http://www.bankofireland.com/ – Bank of Ireland
https://www.permanenttsb.ie/ – Permanent TSB Bank (Very popular recently as I can hear)

Recruiters and job search:
http://www.irishrecruiter.com/ – Croatian recruiter in Ireland
http://makeitincork.com/interview-tips/ – Cork recruitment
http://www.itshappeninghere.ie/p/page/7/your-home – One of many sites used to search IT jobs in Ireland

Mainstream media:
http://www.rte.ie/ – Irish TV – RTE
http://www.thesun.ie/ – The Sun
http://www.irishtimes.com/ – Irish Times
http://www.irishexaminer.com/ – Irish Examiner
http://www.independent.ie/ – Independent

Interesting media:
http://dublin.lecool.com/dublin/en/today – Cool site with cool events from Dublin
http://www.broadsheet.ie/ – Blog like website with news from Ireland and the rest of the world
http://www.metroherald.ie/ – Daily free newspapers that are usually garbage in tram, in digital format 🙂
http://www.listenlive.eu/ireland.html – In case you’d like to listen to some Irish radio here are some stations


http://pubstandards.ie/ – Some meetup for IT people
http://www.meetup.com/dubliners/ – This is where cool Dubliners hang out
http://www.meetup.com/PHOTO-WALK/ – This is where local photographs hang out
http://www.meetup.com/DUBLIN-FREE-HIKINGGROUP/ – This is where local hikers hang out
http://www.dublineventguide.com/ – Free page with almost all events happening in Dublin

http://www.irishrecruiter.com/blog-mini/ – Croatian recruiter that likes to write and give you some quality information (something like I do here :)) )
http://info.itshappeninghere.ie/living-in-ireland/ – Information about life in Ireland
http://zivot-u-dublinu.com/ – Croatian only blog about life in Dublin
http://gracedavis.wordpress.com/tag/dublin-zones/ – Some random blog with some good info about Dublin

The rest of Ireland:
http://www.peoplesrepublicofcork.com/ – Our good neighborhoods from the peoples republic of Cork 🙂

Used cars: