That’s it, The World Cup is over and we should all get back to our regular working habits. Germany annihilated Brazil and then Goetze put it all to an end against Argentina. The rest is history already. Well, No1e won second Wimbledon title, but that is also history already. I have, on the other side, lost the main reason not to write a new blog post. 🙂 So, here it is! 🙂

Last two weeks were quite like the Irish weather. First it looked boring, then the fact that going home for a week is luxury made me nervous, then Brazil lost a game like no one ever did, and then some incredible things happened and in total it was awesome. One of great changes is that I’m again on diet-training program. 🙂 Yup, just like in good old days. The only difference now is a fact that I’m 10 years older than the time I’ve left the gym and sports. It’s more or less fine, I’m surprised with my form and the fact that I did proper warm-up weeks so there was absolutely no need for any painkiller treatments this time. I guess now I understand that good old saying that wisdom comes with having a wife. 🙂 Still, I can feel that my training won’t be on super high level for few more weeks, while at the age of 25, I was there much faster.

I’ve chosen an “early bird” approach, so now I get up every morning at 6:15 and at 6:36 first sweat drops are visible on my forehead. 🙂 I guess that’s another reason why I had no chance to write anything lately. 🙂

Since I used to practice “late night” trainings ten years back, I must admit “early bird” is much better. Still, no one would force me to get up at 6 during university years, so I assume it also comes with age. Yeah, it seems that somehow I got old. 🙂

Eating healthier meals was never a problem for me, so I won’t whine about it here. 🙂

There’s nothing new at work either. I’m eight days from the end of my probation period, after that I will be fully integrated into the system. Since my boss is off for two weeks, I guess I’m worry free. 🙂

I could eventually whine about the weather and how I miss a proper summer, but from all news that I’ve seen, the summer is also not back at home so I guess we are just fine here. 🙂


Actually, we had couple of lovely days here, and our bedroom window is open during the warm nights for more than two months now. 🙂

Well, my tram is almost in front of the office, so this will be it for today. (Yeah, I’ve been testing ability to write something during my 36 minutes ride to work, and it looks it is possible. 🙂 )

Till then…



By adminko

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