Three hundred and sixty five days ago, around 8:30 in the morning we got off the bus on some quay in a strange huge city of Dublin. Few steps away and on the left, there was a huge avenue and one well known fast food restaurant. We immediately went in to buy water since Ireland was under a heath wave those days, and there was no air-condition in the bus. Three hours ride from Cork looked like a ride in an oven. It was around 27 degrees outside and around 35 in the bus.


When we decided to visit Ireland, our first plan was not to go to Dublin at all. At the end of May 2013 we bought cheap tickets for flights to Cork and planned to visit a friend and stay there third week of July. Since Croatia joined EU, we were attacked by recruiters searching for competent IT personnel and asking us to move to Ireland. In those seventeen days of July 2013, we sent a few CV’s around and by the time we were travelling to Cork Dina had a face to face interview arranged in Dublin. We changed our plans accordingly, and we decided to have a day trip around Dublin.


Both of us sick and dehydrated, we needed a quick re-charge, and since we got up around 5AM, we both needed coffee. We found a small Lavazza place in D2, near to where Dina was heading for her first job interview. We had a coffee and then we found a place that, a bit later that year, became her office.

We’ve seen a bit of modern Dublin centre that day, but as we were both tired and sleepy we decided to go back to Cork at 7 PM. On the way home I took this photo, and I remember when I took it, I said – Bye bye Dublin, I guess we’ll see each other sooner then later.


Nine and a half weeks later we moved in the apartment that is on the picture above. 🙂

A year later and after ten months living in Dublin I can say that this place is still great. No, I will not be like a “Croatian in Canada” whining about the weather (joke or a true story when Croatian moved to Canada and he writes letters home. Everything is nice and cool first two months and with the first snow, but as times goes he is more and more annoyed with the snow and extreme colds and after 10 months he moves back to Croatia).

As a matter of fact, we are again under a “heat wave” since, according to Irish met standards, five days in a row above 25 degrees are heat wave and a danger for people.

Anyways, in the past ten months we needed to figure out many things. We needed time to get familiar with Irish English, Irish weather and Irish drinking form. 🙂 We needed to get used to working hours, city tempo, long days in the summer, and short days in the winter. We needed to equip ourselves with waterproof clothes, as it’s always windy and umbrellas are for tourists. Since Dublin is quite big and we spent time seeing and learn how to live in Dublin I think we are now at the beginning of regular life in the city where we live.

So, Let’s see what other 10 months will bring us. So far life in Dublin was very good. 🙂

Sure, I will write on regular basis, no worries about it 🙂

Till next post..



By adminko

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