Writing this text will be much easier in English, since the recipe name is quite simple – “Seafood chowder”. Still, I have no idea how to correctly translate it into Croatian language. 🙂

Since we moved to Dublin, we’ve tried several “typical Irish” dishes, but there’s one that rules them all – seafood chowder. We tried it in several pubs in Dublin and Galway, but the title of the “Balky’s golden ladle award” (so far the best) goes to the Krugers pub in Howth.


As it can be prepared using three or more seafood ingredients, it can vary from place to place. In Croatia, we have something similar and it is called “brodet” or “brujet”. Some use mussels, some use crabs or prawns, and in some places they use only fish to prepare a chowder. On the “west side” (in Galway) they call it “Atlantic seafood chowder”, and there is a bit of tomato as it is a bit more of red colour.

As we liked it a lot, we decided to try and prepare our own chowder. And here is how you can do it too. 🙂

– 500gr of at least three different types of fish – we use salmon, smoked haddock and cod
– 1 onion or a few spring onions (leak will go well too) chopped in small pieces
– 2-3 mid sized carrots sliced into small pieces
– 1-2 mid sized potatoes cut into small cubes
– 1dcl white vine in the glass for the chef, and a bit more in the bottle for cooking 🙂
– Parsley
– Cooking cream
– Veggies stock or water
– Salt
– Pepper
– Butter


Heat up the butter, and when it foams add in onion and (or) leak. Sauté it for 2-3 minutes.


Add salmon (only) and sauté it for few moments with salt and pepper.


When salmon changes the colour after few moments, add in the vine and all the vegetables. Let it simmer for a while.



Then, add the water or even better veggies stock, add the rest of the fresh fish. Simmer it until the fish is nice and tender.

At the end add the cream (quantity depends on how much you like it) and the parsley and simmer for 2-3 more minutes.

Voila! Your first seafood chowder is ready!


I hope you’ll try it and enjoy it! If not, you can always come to Dublin and try it here! 🙂

Love, Balky!

By adminko

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