Just a couple of days back I’ve shared one cool animated gif on my personal FB, where “big boned” rhino is running on a treadmill watching the poster of a stallion built like a unicorn on the wall.

In a comment, I’ve made a joke that my life looks exactly like that, and that I’m trying hard but can’t really achieve the proper athlete’s look. In response to one of many comments I’ve said it out loud that I am aware what I should do to get the perfect body shape, but that I don’t want to do that.

Let me explain you why with this post. 🙂

I’ve spent more than 6 years in trainings so far, and I’ve read numerous books and articles about nutrition, various diets and way of living healthy life. I could practically work as a nutritionist, but only for those willing to gain weight eating loads of delicious food. 🙂

Somehow a video recipe with this sweet French toast ended up in my FB feed this Friday, and we had to try it straight away. And there’s no better day to make something sweet than on Valentine’s day.

So, we followed the recipe almost as found on facebook. Find sliced bread, and remove it’s edges.


Then, even though you were always taught not to play with bread, and not to squish it, do exactly the opposite and flatten your bread.


Spread decent amount of your favourite chocolate spread on it, and top it with nicely diced fresh strawberries. Roll them like pancakes or sushi in small rolls.


Now, here’s our twist. Don’t use regular oil – preheat some coconut oil!

While oil heats up, beat two eggs with just a spoon of sugar and a few drops of milk.


Dip your Valentine’s roles in eggs and fry them in the pan.


The only thing remaining is enjoying this simple and delicious sweets.


Yeah, no worries, you can thank me later. 🙂

P.S. We ate them both hot and cold, since we made a bit too many rolls. They are much tastier while worm, so I suggest you to eat them hot. 🙂

P.S.S. Thank you Internet and who ever did that original video. Trust me coconut oil is the final touch you missed. 🙂

P.S.S.S. Now you know why I don’t bother having that perfect beach body and a six pack. No thanks. 🙂

Till the next one,



By adminko

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