Before visiting Copenhagen we checked what there is to see, and one of the things mentioned as a “good to visit” was Christiania.

Christiania, or Freetown of Christiania is a special self proclaimed autonomous part of Copenhagen where people live in an alternative way since 1971. When I say alternative, it means that Christiania is one of the biggest and well known communes.

While we were on the church tower we heard a noisy group of people and music from this direction, and I thought there is some kind of open air festival, or area with a lot of bars since the day was lovely and people were outside.

I took the following photo, but was not able to see what was going on while on the tower due to the high contrasts between sunlight and the screen.

However, at that point we started our descent from the tower and decided to go there and check what kind of party is going on.


When we came closer we figured out that there is some kind of a protest going on, but since people there looked happy and normal we continued going there.


As we were approaching the crowd a known smell of marijuana was getting stronger and stronger. Later, when we saw the sign saying “You are now leaving EU” we figured out that we actually ended up in Christiania.

Since there, we decided to get in and take a look. As soon as we entered I almost asked a guy for an autograph, but then common sense started to work and I understood that Axel Rose got old and he never lived here. 🙂

With him, another friend that looks like he got stuck in the time of Woodstock. Bandana that holds a very long hair, rounded pink glasses, happy colorful shirt with jeans and really old “old stars”. It’s like a teleport to times 45 years ago.

Later, while we were exiting Christiania we saw the flyer explaining that we were actually part of the “legalize it” protest that was held that day. Well, shortly as we were in the crowd for maybe a minute trying to figure out what was going on, but we were there. 🙂

If you take a closer look at the first photo, you will see a giant joint ready to cruise the city. I saw that later when we returned to Dublin. 🙂


There is one general rule in Christiania, in the Green Zone (which is clearly marked by many signs) taking photos is not allowed, but it seems that buying and selling marijuana is.

Since I really did not want to get in trouble, I took just a few photos in areas on entrance and exit from this place, like this flag of Christiania.


And it’s cartoon version on the walls of this town.


Due to the “legalize it” protest there was a concert organized here in an improvised open air arena.

We sat down to relax with local Christianian beers. As you can see, even hippies from this commune prefer organic beer. 🙂


Before coming here, while we were on the river cruise, even our tour guide suggested us to see this place, have a pint or if we feel like have a joint in Christiania. I’m not sure that it’s completely legal, but I’ve noticed a large number of tourist being there that day, doing the same as we did, having a pint of local beer and spent some time just watching a different world around them.


I am not a big fan of places without rules but this visit to Christiania was really a cool thing to do. I was delighted with the way people live, where they don’t really care and worry about modern problems that we all live day to day. It’s a good place to see if you are visiting Copenhagen.

Since there is a weird situation going on the border between Serbia and Croatia where Liberland is self proclaimed, I was thinking what would happen if Croatia and Serbia find an interest and let that place be “liberland” and bring similar rules as here in Christiania?

Who knows…

Till the next post,



By adminko

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