Perfect Christmas Gifts For Those Who Travel (And For Those Who Don’t :) )

Hey everyone, It’s Christmas and that means you will probably try to find a perfect gift for you friends, family and loved ones. Some of them might be travelling around often, and you have no clue what to get them since “they have it all” anyway. No worries, there are things that every traveller will find useful and you can still surprise them and make them happy.

Lonely Planet’s Best in Travel 2016 (Lonely Planet Best in Travel)

Even though most of wanderers already have their own bucket list, they love such books that will keep them informed about best journeys and hottest trends in 2016.

Amazon Kindle Paper White

If they are like me, they’ll prefer to travel with an eBook reader as it’s much handier, and Kindle Paper White is the best on the market (that’s my opinion, at least 🙂 ).

Limefuel LP200X USB External Battery Pack with Flashlight

This awesome, yet not too big, battery can re-charge two phones at the same time and be used as a flash light. With 20 000 mAh you don’t have to think about the electricity for about a week. We used it for two phones on our Fuji Hike and with full tracking, many photos and lot of panoramas we’ve spent only a 15% in 2 days.

EcoBook – The whiteboard notebook – A5 Size

I’ve discovered this piece of art just recently. It’s a Notebook that lasts forever when used in combination with erasable pen. Even though I carry my smartphone with me I’m still writing much faster than tapping the screens. Majority of my stories are recorded on paper notes and later digitalized. It’s a perfect addition for every traveller’s backpack, but it can be useful at work, home or for studying.

Or this black one, if you don’t like colours too much. 🙂

Microsoft Universal Mobile Keyboard for iPad, iPhone, Android devices, and Windows tablets

For those like me who like to transfer things from paper into digital format as soon as possible and while on the road this universal keyboard is the perfect gift. It works with any major mobile platform and turns your mobile phone or tablet into a small and handy workstation. It’s small and light but once you get used to it you can’t switch back to tapping the screen. I got so used to it that I’m using it everyday instead of my regular USB or laptop keyboard.

As you might have noticed it’s white, but if you prefer darker one, there is a black one available too:

The North Face Unisex Recon Backpack

Those always on the road need to change backpacks from time to time. Mine fell apart in Nagasaki this year and I had to find a suitable replacement. I was really in a bad mood because of that and wanted the best possible smaller backpack. I bought this North Face Recon backpack and I’m more than happy with it.

Swordfish 40254 VariPlug Dual USB Universal Travel Plug Adapter/Charger – Yellow

Of course – Travelling to other countries usually requires carrying various plugs with you, but with this inventive dice in lovely yellow colour you don’t have to worry about the plugs at your destination, only how to get there. 🙂

Panasonic Lumix DMC-FT5EB-D Compact Camera

Even though smartphones are really handy these days and majority of us take photos mostly with phones there are situations when you need something more. Any of cameras from the lumix waterproof series is handy for those snorkelling, rafting, or going to countries with high humidity and a lot of rain.

SanDisk Cruzer Blade USB Flash Drive 128 GB USB 2.0

Backing up photos and other documents on the go is always a good thing to do, and I prefer to have a small yet very powerful memory stick with me. 128 GB can store thousands of photos and keep them safe for you.

Trespass Dripclip Microfibre Towel Keyring With Carabiner Clip

This small and fast drying towel saved me during the whole stay in Japan. With temperatures around 36-40 degrees all the time you can’t walk around without having something to dry your face into.

LAP PRO – MINI, Universal Beanbag

This universal beanbag is another awesome tool. It can hold your Kindle while on the beach or in the plane, but it transforms into a flying pillow within seconds. Light and colourful it’s a great addition to every backpack. 🙂

The Neuhaus Collection – Truffles

Something sweet works for everyone, and Belgium truffles are number one in the world. We usually drag Neuhaus products from any major airport.

Nikon D750 Digital SLR Camera

And last but not the least – If your traveller wants to take great photos around the globe, this is the current best buy. Again, it’s my opinion because I drag a model like this one with me around the world. Yes, I had that thing around my neck all the way to the top of Mt. Fuji. 🙂

As you can see, there are always plenty of options. 🙂

Yes, links for given products are affiliate links and the author of this blog might earn a pint if you use them, but it will not cost you a penny more! 🙂

Enjoy the Christmas shopping and Happy Christmas!


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