Hey it’s me! 🙂

I had a really busy February with a lot of changes in life. I’ve changed my work two weeks ago, and that had a huge impact on my writing.

First of all, I had to properly say goodbye to my ex colleagues, and they were extremely nice to me. One team took me out for a lunch first, which is kind of custom here if people like you.


And they got me a nice present, a book with 366 recipes. They figured out that I like to cook from time to time, so they decided to help me. Love it! First recipes will be cooked soon, and I have already adopted some ideas from that book for my soon to be announced side project. 🙂


Then, on my last day my team got me farewell cakes with best wishes, and then we headed out where I experienced another Irish custom. As it was explained to me it’s not “mandatory” to be like that, but it’s usual that you invite people that you liked working with, and they will then buy you a drink and properly celebrate your new beginning. Or they’ll properly make sure that you are gone, it does not matter. 🙂

Since two of us left the same day we organized a joint drinking party where around 20 people joined us including one of the bosses. I hoped that another one would join us, but it’s his loss. As you can see it was a very blurry night, but we really had a great time. At least I had. 🙂


Very next day it was Valentines day, and my wife organized it this year and it was the best Valentines day ever. Not that we both care about “Valentines day” per se, but we both like to eat nice food and experience different things, and on this day Dina found excellent program in one Asian live cooking restaurant. Live Cooking means that you get an apron to cover your fancy clothing, and food is prepared just a few centimeters away from you.

Not only food is prepared in front of you, but every table occupant is involved in some kind of prank. You can either catch the food with your mouth, or catch the eggs around the kitchen. All in all it’s like a live theater show where you get out well fed.


And since it was Valentines day there was a special live music show as a desert. This couple was really awesome! 🙂


Besides these regular happenings I’m a bit messed up last two weeks as at new workplace everything is new. Many new technologies, new products, new process and a totally new way of thinking makes my day even shorter. But that’s how it goes when everything is new, time passes faster, brain works on overload and it tries to process a huge amount of new information, memorize new names and it does not have the time for crazy new blog posts. 🙂

Well, I would have written something last week, but one plugin update broke my blog so instead of writing I spent the weekend fixing this thing. 🙂

But no worries though, everything is up and running so you can expect new stories and posts soon! 🙂

Till then! 🙂


By adminko

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