Have you ever asked yourself why do we travel?

I read an interesting article today which stated a fact that only 30% of travels are those related to work or professional needs. All the others are pure pleasure ones.

The same article contains analysis on why it is good to travel, and I am one of those who would make traveling twice a year to a distant location of different culture mandatory! If nothing else, because there is proof that traveling makes you more creative and open minded. It is because you end up out of your comfort zone and the inputs getting to your brain are different, which should result in different outputs.

To be honest with you, I can’t remember when I caught the travel bug. It must have happened when I was really young as since I can recall I’ve always liked to travel. I do remember having car travel sickness and some sea sickness occasionally, but that never stopped me from being happy when traveling and I don’t remember me being not willing to go… Anywhere.

I’m quite sure that I was happy when ever we were going to Pazin (town in Croatia where my mom is from). OK, there were occasional rants in the teenage period of life as no one asked me and I had my own plans, but… that does not matter now. I think i was born with the travel bug as I have a picture walking for my first birthday, and I know that when I was three years old I always tortured my grandmother and great-aunt to go somewhere and stay out, not at home. Obviously, one can be born with travel bug, and I am one of them. 🙂

(And that’s why my wife bought me this key ring 🙂 )

As such I always had a list of places where I want to go. My bucket list is still “the planet earth and beyond”, but I’m well aware that some locations (like the Moon or Mars) are a bit off the list. However, this year we started our preparation for one of top 5 locations on my wish list. Actually, as this blog post will be published, we should already be on our way! 🙂

Some of you know where we are heading to, some will figure out soon. Just stay tuned on this blog’s Facebook page.

See you on Facebook, and expect many new text when we get back!

Stay tuned!



By adminko

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